This Marketplace Ministry course is created not just to inspire and motivate you to give the entrepreneur in you a chance, but this detailed book, workbook, and videos were created to empower you with practical processes to successfully merge your business and ministry desires to GO regain influence in the Marketplace.   From the thought to the business plan, to formation, to maintaining success, this book and workbook will walk you through the process of becoming effective and beginning the journey to successful entrepreneurship.


The how to "Marketplace Ministry Incubation" manual is a great add on for those churches and organizations wanting to help their congregants prosper regardless the nation's economy.  



                                 **Group sessions and individual Mastermind sessions available

B&G has helped us tremendously in advancing our vision at Royal 8 International Tea. We have been in search of a consulting firm with the capability to expand our business plan and vision.  He has taken the time to listen and provide qualified feedback on how to approach investors, building staff and our deepest passion of product development. He has also taken a chance to explain to us how to balance our faith with business. Our CEO has the tools within, and it takes another visionary to pull them out.  We want to thank you and your team for the continued support and partnership with us as we expand into a larger arena of business. 

                                                                                                                                                                       ~Royal 8 International Tea~ 


MPM 101:  Includes e-copies of the Believe & Go Marketplace Book,                        Believe & Go Marketplace Planning to Plan Workbook, 12                        MPM training videos on the Key Components of a                                        successful MPM (delivered weekly), 1 (one hour)                                          consultation call.                                                                                                                                                                        





MPM 102 (Mastermind):  

                      Includes everything in  MPM 101, plus 12 (one hour)                                   consultation calls, and the Advanced Emotional                                         Intelligence Assessment (with full analysis). 

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MPM 103 (Incubation):

                    Includes everything in  MPM 102, plus 2 full (six hours)                             days developing and initiating your plan (can include                               potential site selection, product development, branding                         development, etc.) at your location; may be shared                                   between two individuals.

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MPM In-House Incubation:  

                     Includes everything in  MPM 101, plus 8 (one and half                                hour) class at the B&G facility.   Classes held twice a                                  week on Tues & Thurs only. limited to 10 STUDENTS per                          CLASS.   (Next class starts 1/9/2018)

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Books Only:

                 Includes e-copies of the Believe & Go Marketplace Book                        and the Believe & Go Marketplace Planning to Plan                                    Workbook only.









                 Includes e-copies of the Believe & Go Marketplace Book,                        Believe & Go Marketplace Planning to Plan Workbook,                              Believe & Go Leadership, Believe & Go Leadership Traits,                        Leadership Workbook, paperback copy of The                                            Entrepreneur's Dictionary, 12 training videos on the Key                            Components of a successful MPM & Leadership (delivered                    weekly), 1 (one hour) consultation call













MPM Small Group Training/Incubation:  

                     Includes everything in  MPM 101, plus 6 (four and half                                hour) classes at the Host Organization's facility.  Classes                          limited to 20 students.  

                                   TRAINING INCLUDES: MPM successful foundation,                                        business plan development and basic                                                                implementation, product development, branding                                          and marketing, market analysis, and much more... 

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MPM Incubation Development:  

                     Includes everything in  MPM 101 for up to 20                                                  individuals/businesses, plus on-site incubation center                            training and development for host organization and 20                            students 

                                   TRAINING/DEVELOPMENT INCLUDES:  3 months                                          training at host organization's facility: MPM                                                      successful foundation, business plan development                                        and basic implementation, product development,                                          branding and marketing, market analysis; we will                                          walk you through determining and implementing                                          the proper incubation format for your organization,                                      including concerns regarding qualifications,                                                    management, choosing profit sharing or fee base,                                          servicing, when to release and so much more.....

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