This Leadership course is created not just to inspire and motivate the leader in you, but detailed information, assessments and exercises in this book, workbook, and videos were created to empower you with practical processes to Go "Lead from the Front" in the places that God has positioned you.  Whether you find yourself in front of the church, at the head of the class, in business or in service to another; your ability to lead by example and not just command will prove crucial to your success in that position and elevation to the next level of promotion.


The Leadership Traits manual will walk you through the top 30 effective traits found in successful leaders past and present, but will also give insight on how to develop them in yourself and others.     


                                                    **Group sessions and individual Mastermind sessions available




















         Books Only:

                 Includes e-copies of the Believe & Go Leadership Book and the Believe & Go                      Leadership Planning Workbook and Leadership Traits (describing the top 30                        traits of successful leaders) only.








         LEAD 101 (Mastermind):  

                   Includes the e-collection of Leadership Books plus 12 (one hour) consultation                    calls, and the Advanced Emotional Intelligence Assessment (with full                                    analysis). 









                 Includes e-copies of the Believe & Go Marketplace Book, Believe & Go                                  Marketplace Planning to Plan Workbook, Believe & Go Leadership, Believe &                      Go Leadership Traits, Leadership Workbook, paperback copy of                                                The Entrepreneur's Dictionary, 12 training videos on the Key Components of a                    successful MPM & Leadership (delivered weekly), 1 (one hour) consultation                          call.

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