We have all heard Romans 12:2 "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind."  Well, now there is a practical process to obtaining that transformation.  The books, workbooks, videos, activities, and assessment in this CORE COURSE will walk you through the process of detoxing and begin laying a foundation for a renewed mind!  Your next promotion, your next level of increase and your capability to maintain it, are in your ability to Control Outcomes And Create Harmony. 


*Available 10/1/2017


**Group sessions and individual Mastermind sessions available


12:2  Transformation Basic ToolKit:  

                       Includes a four hour MP4 that is sure to boost your mental                           transformation, transformation calendar promoting                                         positive empowerment while helping keep you on track                               with daily/weekly activities, three empowering Award-                                 Winning resource books to promote positive creativity                                   and sound judgment,  the Advanced Emotional                                                 Intelligence Assessment and analysis,three workbooks to                           assist in providing continued practical activities to                                           increase your four levels of emotional Intelligence, and                                 the Insanity Poster to constantly remind you of your                                     capabilities.                                                                                                                   






12:2 Transformation ToolKit (Mastermind):  

                         Includes everything in the 12:2 Basic, plus 12 (one                                            hour) consultation calls to walk you through the                                              transformation journey and serve as a sounding board for                            potential creative ideas realized as a result of a clearer                                  mind.

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